SEBRSD announces full return to in person learning for SY21-22

Students will see a greater return to normalcy in the fall as the Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District announced its plan for a full reopening of in-person classes in the fall. Courtesy photo.

SPENCER — The Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District is planning a full reopening of schooling for the fall of 2021, with fully in-person classes, activities, and events at all four of its campuses: Wire Village School, East Brookfield Elementary, Knox Trail Middle School, and David Prouty High School.

In announcing a return to a more traditional campus experience, Spencer-East Brookfield Regional School District Superintendent of Schools Paul S. Haughey expressed gratitude for all of the hard work, dedication and resilience of students, faculty and staff who worked diligently through the global pandemic, and said that the decision to fully reopen schools for in-person is being guided by federal, state and local public health guidelines.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing all our students and faculty in person for the fall 2021, and seeing our campuses bustling again,” said Supt Haughey. “I’ve been impressed at how well the students, faculty, and staff have adapted and succeeded through the last year of pandemic, but I’ll be even more pleased to see us all back to something close to normal SEBRSD life.”

At the onset of the global pandemic in spring 2020, Spencer-East Brookfield RSD quickly pivoted to remote learning. As the Covid 19 pandemic continued through the year into 2021, the regional school district adapted its operations with a combination of in-person learning, remote classes and hybrid options – all while adhering to the most stringent safety protocols such as regular cleanings and disinfection; social distancing and mask wearing; and routine and consistent testing and monitoring, among many other safety measures aimed at keeping the school community safe.

As SEBRSD returns to as close to a normal and traditional learning experience and we turn the corner on the pandemic, many safety precautions will be kept in place, while paying close attention to public health guidance – all with a goal of providing students a safe environment to pursue their public education.

“For so many students and faculty, in-person learning is an integral part of the teaching and learning experience, which is why we are eager to return to in-person schooling in 2021-2022,” said Haughey. “The lessons we’ve learned during the pandemic showed how adaptable we are as a learning community. We will use those lessons to complement our traditional experience, but I’m excited for a return to normal and seeing a vibrant school district.”


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