Elementary school deemed ‘safe to reopen’

Lamarche: One new positive COVID-19 case, other tests negative

CHARLTON — After three school days were shifted to all remote learning, many elementary students will be back in their physical classrooms on Tuesday morning.

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Dudley-Charlton Regional School Superintendent Steven Lamarche notified parents late Monday afternoon that Charlton Elementary School would open its doors to students and staff after test results had been reviewed by local health and school officials.

“We reviewed the results of voluntary staff testing from last week’s identified transmission in the school. It was determined that it is safe to reopen as we only had one new positive and contact tracing is complete. The remaining tests came back negative,” Lamarche wrote in an email to parents. “Please note, this does not lesson the importance and seriousness of any positive cases in our educational community. We will continue to employ all of the mitigating strategies that prevent transmission.”

As The Citizen Chronicle previously reported, the elementary school had shifted to full remote learning late last week after there had reportedly been in-school transmission of COVID-19.

Across the Dudley-Charlton Regional School District, there were three new positive COVID-19 cases reported on Monday, according to Lamarche. He noted that two of those cases required contact tracing, which had been completed.


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