Nichols, Worcester State to Announce 4+1 Counterterrorism Master’s Program

DUDLEY — Nichols College President Susan West Engelkemeyer will join Worcester State University President Barry M. Maloney next week to announce a Worcester State-to-Nichols College 4 + 1 program that will enable Worcester State criminal justice majors who wish to pursue a master’s degree in counterterrorism to do so in five rather than six years. The two presidents will perform a ceremonial signing of the agreement between the schools. Speakers will explain the program’s details and will discuss the advantages it offers to prospective students.

Under the agreement, students will study at both institutions. Upon successful completion of a bachelor’s degree from WSU, including six semester hours of coursework at Nichols, students will be encouraged to apply to the Nichols counterterrorism master’s degree program. This first-in-the-nation graduate program to focus on violent extremism gives students a deep understanding of the psychological, social, political, economic, and religious factors that contribute to radicalization and the skills to quickly and efficiently assess and address risk.


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