State Senate candidate detained on the trail

Merolli, Auclair were discussing “future” when found by police

By Ryan Servant
Citizen Chronicle Writer

SOUTHBRIDGE — Two area politicians tell The Citizen Chronicle a brief encounter with police shortly after midnight on Wednesday is a “nonstory.”

Thomas Merolli and Kristen Auclair, who are in a romantic relationship, were detained by three members of the Southbridge Police Department after receiving a report of a suspicious automobile outside an athletic field adjacent to West Street School at 12:12 a.m. on Wednesday, September 26. According to police, Officer Aaron Tetlow arrived on scene and reported a vehicle parked at the lower fields. The vehicle was unoccupied.

Roughly 12 minutes after police received the initial report, Officer Leonard Beane reported that Merolli had been located and detained while police sought clarity on the Mendon resident’s late night activity. Merolli is the Democratic nominee for the Worcester and Norfolk District seat in the State Senate. According to a police log narrative, officers continued to search the trails around the soccer fields “to see if anyone else is there.” Roughly 15 minutes later an additional entry was noted in the log, stating Auclair had been located “on the path further down the trail.”

Merolli told The Citizen Chronicle on Friday that he and Auclair were taking a late night walk to discuss the future at the time of the police department’s arrival.

“I am a single man with a single woman who is my girlfriend.  This is a nonstory. We took a walk along a trail to discuss our future plans for after the election,” Merolli said. “No crime was committed, and when [police] verified who we were we were allowed to leave.”

Police logs indicate officers were not convinced of the couple’s story, noting police “couldn’t get an honest answer as to what they were doing there.” Officers advised the couple of the no tresspass signs and sent them on their way.

In a telephone interview on Friday, Auclair reaffirmed Merolli’s account, stating they had “decided to go for a walk after driving around to discuss plans for the future.”

When asked about the roughly 15 minute gap in time between police locating Merolli and then Auclair, the second-term Town Council member said her boyfriend had walked ahead of her toward the lights that were coming from the parking lot.

“When we saw the flood lights from the police I asked Tom to go and see what it was,” she said. “After a short time I followed and was met with the police along the path.”

The relationship was publicly announced on the Merolli campaign’s Facebook page early Friday morning, along with a brief explanation of their encounter with local law enforcement.

“On the campaign trail, I met someone who really means alot to me. It’s not complicated other than I am running for State Senator,” Merolli wrote. “Kristen and I were hoping to wait until after the election about this. But we took a walk as we always do and were talking about life and our future. It seems that this may have been misconstrued by some publications in the area. The simple truth is that Kristen Auclair, who is a volunteer of my campaign and I are in a relationship.”

An attempt to obtain comment from Southbridge Police Chief Shane Woodson was unsuccessful as of publication of this story.


18 thoughts on “State Senate candidate detained on the trail

  1. The Fattman big money attack hit squad at work.
    Fattman has a terrible record. In Fattmans district more public schools are underfunded than funded properly! He has done nothing for his district… The only thing he does is regurgitate national extreme right wing politics that have nothing to do with our district.

    1. LOL… Big money hit squad!?!? LOL…

      For a State Rep seat?!?!? Bwa HAHAHA

      Oh… please stop… *gasping for air*… I can’t breathe!!!

      Extreme right?!??! AHHH HA HA HA… You’re killing me!!!

    2. So your saying the Southbridge police are in cahoots with Fattman???? Um! Of all the places to have a serious talk about future plans with girlfriend, midnight in the dark woods…..really! I think the dishonesty displayed by the two of them speaks to why we don’t need people like that in office.

  2. How is this really newsworthy?

    Now Fox25 might pick the story up.

    Sounds like a simple case of a pleasant evening stroll of a moonlit night.

  3. You can tell it is a Massachusetts forum by the whiny left-wing troll commenters who only know how to trash others, not spark honest debate.

  4. Police logs indicate officers were not convinced of the couple’s story, noting police “couldn’t get an honest answer as to what they were doing there.”

    If you are unable to provide an HONEST answer to the Police about a “simple walk’ how do you plan to effectively represent 170,000 constituents? Here is the simple answer. You can NOT and you will NOT.

  5. I’m glad to see a Town Councilor and candidate showing interest in our walking trails. I myself have found the trails enjoyable after the dawn to dusk suggested time period of usage, other then that it seems like idle gossip and just who reported the suspicious activity?

    1. Did you read the same thing we all read? It also said police spotted a car without anyone in it. And they were trespassing.Because, this wasn’t innocent. It’s not “Fake news”. It’s ” Fake people”.
      Tom Merolli not only did he know Kristen was living with Demetri for like 5 years, he was using Demetri to further himself in the race. Disgusting. And Kristen is just as wrong. Transparency my butt.

  6. This is all false. I personally know Kristen’s boyfriend Demetri Kasperson. Kristen has been living with him for five years. He pays all of her bills; cooks, cleans, and tries his best to take care of her in the best way possible. They were recently out at a renaissance fair a day or two prior to this incident. Kristen and Demetri were together the same day this incident took place as well. So there should be no confusion as to whether or not Kristen was single. The truth is that she was in a long-term relationship with Demetri Kasperson during her relationship with Tom Merolli. Tom was very aware of this relationship seeing how Demetri, Kristen, and Tom Merolli himself were communicating together throughout his campaign. Demetri even provided his business to Tom for free campaign events in order to help him further his campaign. Demetri recently became a part of the town Democratic Committee where he endorsed Tom Merolli to, once again, help him with his campaign. Throughout all of this, Tom was secretly hooking up with Kristen behind Demetri’s back. Suspicions of an affair were confirmed to Demetri by Kristen herself. With that being said, Kristen and Tom were hooking up late at night in the woods. Tom Merolli is trying to protect his image and his campaign by denying the fact he was having sex and he absolutely doesn’t want people to know about Kristen Auclair being in a relationship with another man due to the fact that it makes him look worse and can potentially cost him his entire campaign. I do not think that a man lacking morals, honesty, and clearly common sense, should be an option for State Senator.

  7. What’s wrong with this story goes way deeper than this cover story. Earlier in the week Tom went to Kristen’s boyfriend Demetri Kasperson, head chairman of the democratic committee, to be endorsed for his campaign to run for Senate. Demetri and his council vote him in, and later in the week this monstrosity happens. Where are the morals? Demetri runs a bar/art gallery/music venue startlite, and has been more thab generous to Morelli throughout his campaign for the last few months. Kasperson has helped Tom meet people through his space by having an after party from canvasing for Morelli, as well as given rounds of drinks to Morelli and his team. How could you use a man for his space, beverages, and endorsement for Senate, and go right behind his back, found with his now ex-girlfriend and ex-roommate on a late night escapade. THEN to have the. nerve to say Kristen is a single woman, and to write it off as nothing wrong has been done.
    I don’t care if you’re a democrat or republican, this is immoral, shady, and crooked. If Morelli has already breached and used an individuals trust, how can we trust him in Senate?
    I’ll leave it at this: You can’t spell Morality with Morelli.

    1. Well said. Tom and Kristen are liars, period. Demetri took care of Kristen.
      Kristen , when asked…… said the Town of Southbridge needs “Transparency”.
      Well she should practice what she preaches!!!!

  8. Not sure which situation would bother me more.
    1. They were hooking up on a trail know for illegal drug use. Then lied about what they were doing.

    2. He actually left a woman that far behind on a trail know for illegal drug use.

  9. What bothers me most about what seems to have happened here is not the illicit act that seems to have occurred . That’s problematic enough. The more worrisome thing is the complete lack of honesty from someone , a person running for office, whom we are supposed to trust.

  10. Private life, not what we should be concerned with. I want to know if he can bring home the bacon to my Town, Lyan Fattman has never done that for my Town.
    Lyan Fattman has baggage I hope TurtleBoy prints some of his past problems.

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