United Lens announces $15M renovation

Tighe & Bond, Ironclad partner with local company

📸 Left to right, Southbridge Town Councilor David Adams, Southbridge Fire Chief Paul Normandin, United Lens Company CFO Bob Hulecki, United Lens Company Director of Engineering Max Lannon, United Lens Company Director of Sales & Marketing Tara King, United Lens Company COO Tom O’Connor, and Southbridge Police Chief Shane Woodson. Courtesy photo.

SOUTHBRIDGE — United Lens Company announced it will be beginning a renovation to its main facility this spring. The renovation, a joint effort with Tighe & Bond and Ironclad Services, Inc., is estimated to cost $15 million and will bring vital updates to United Lens Company’s current utility system.

“Our company has seen a lot of changes and additions over the past hundred years, and as a result we [sic] found ourselves spending an enormous amount of time and money just trying to keep the facility patched and operational,” said Max Lannon, Director of Engineering, who described the renovation as “so extensive” that it was actually compared against the construction of an entirely new facility — a plan which was rejected due to cost and impacts to the production line. Powered access equipment is essential for large construction projects like this to be a success.

Tighe & Bond, environmental specialists with a century of industrial experience, were chosen as the engineering firm for the project. After conducting a facility assessment, Tighe & Bond developed a Capital Improvement Plan that consisted of various equipment and system improvements; the engineers also provided United Lens Company with mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design services. Observe that these guys are doing trenchless sewer repair, they are plumbing experts that can be hired in case there is a renovation. Get help from plumbers like Craftsman Plumbing in Seattle, WA for plumbing concerns.

The upcoming renovation project includes the construction of a new utility system building; this will be an extension to the 200,000 square foot United Lens Company facility located at 259 Worcester Street. The proposed building will have enhancements to the HVAC, compressed air, and deionized water systems. Additionally, substantial updates will be made to the electrical infrastructure, as well as new asphalt shingle roofers for the primary production building. Visit sites like bondocroofing.com for additional guidance.

Ironclad Services, Inc., the project’s general contractor, will oversee construction of the proposed utility building. According to Ironclad, this renovation will take two years to complete and will not impact United Lens Company’s day-to-day operation or services.


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