The snow is falling! The snow is falling!

Punxsutawney Phil told us a couple months ago it’d be an early spring, right?

The region was blanketed with snowfall on April 18 as large fluffy flakes settled in for one last visit. Flowers had already begun to bloom, many had put their snowblowers away for the year, and those quarantining have been itching for the warm summer days where we can all, you know, interact with friends and family again … in person, not over Zoom.

The Citizen Chronicle‘s Kathy Rodriguez took a quick spin as the snow continued to fall, catching some of the scenes of winter’s usurping of the spring.

At top left, on Randolph Street in Southbridge, spring had already begun to bloom only for Mother Nature to cover some of the colors that had started to appear.

At top right, on Worcester Street in Southbridge, red plastic cups form a heart as part of a thank you to those stepping up throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the bottom, nearly one full month since the start of spring, plows had been taken off trucks only to be visited by snow once more. Children’s outdoor toys had gotten some use in recent weeks, but today they are covered with snowfall.


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