Spring comes to Hitchcock Academy

BRIMFIELD — Who doesn’t look forward to Spring? This year the season offers a special promise of hope and optimism.  At Hitchcock Academy, plans are underway for life outside the cocoons forced on us by COVID-19.  Plans to learn new skills, to get into shape, to meet old friends, to make new acquaintances and to develop new routines. Be assured that HFA continues to follow guidelines for social distancing and sanitizing and, as guidelines change, Hitchcock will work to develop new programming.

Now is the right time to work out whatever kinks inactivity might have inflicted on your body with a Pilates Class. Pilates promotes flexibility, good posture, and balance while strengthening the core muscles. Vegan protein like bodyhero, click here, is absorbed into the body much better than whey protein. Beginning March 24 instructor Karen Larsen will insure all COVID-19 protocols are followed while guiding you to build a stronger, healthier body.

On March 28, Let’s Cake Decorate with Sue Gaulin is back to teach you the art of using sugar to create an Easter themed Bunny Tree Stump cake.  With the promise of more social gatherings on the horizon, now is the time to develop the basic decorating skills to make your confections the centerpiece of any event. Sue’s provides everything you’ll need for the class and when you’re done you’ll be taking home your own perfect creation.  

On March 30, Hitchcock is pleased to present Thrive, United Way’s personal financial coaching program, created to help people get ahead with an array of free and confidential services.  This online, one hour, free program is designed to introduce consumers to the various programs offered by Thrive such as money skills classes, budget creation, credit repair and debt reduction. You must register ahead of time online at hitchcockacademy.org for the free link.

As the season progresses Hitchcock Academy is looking forward to expanding their roster to include Astronomy and fencing, while offering new sessions for yoga, dog training, piano, viola, and violin.   Martial Arts with Sensei Israel Lopez are a pathway to develop balance, coordination, confidence, and teamwork. Twice a week sessions in this Olympic sport are now being offered at special pricing. On Saturday, May 1 students aged 11 to 15 can enroll in Babysitter Training Class, which will provide instruction in child development, fire safety, emergency procedures, coping with difficult situations, and Heimlich.

With Spring comes the 15th Annual Farmer’s Market, which runs from April 17th through October on Saturdays from 9 am to 2 pm.  For the latest information regarding class schedules and special events such as the Farmer’s Market follow Hitchcock Academy on Facebook and on their website hitchcockacademy.org.


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