Southbridge man shares images of ‘Isolation’

SOUTHBRIDGE — A few weeks ago, one local man took a simple photo of himself sitting in his chair. The COVID-19 quarantining had just begun, and it was poignant image depicting the isolation foisted upon us all. There was immediate response from family and friends, and the next day came another photo along the same lines. Then again the next day. And the day after that. Every day, Todd Carlson (with girlfriend Jes Lapriore Reed as the unseen photographer behind the scene) has brought that chair somewhere for a photo in his growing gallery of “Isolation” images, including some that are tied to the events of the day — or the events that shoulda woulda coulda been if not for the need for, you guessed it, isolation.


6 thoughts on “Southbridge man shares images of ‘Isolation’

  1. This is very thought provoking. While our current situation is leaving most of us physically isolated, it also brings to mind the emotional isolation too. You can be anywhere and be isolated. Thanks Todd and Jes.

  2. I recognized the Flatiron building immediately on channel 7 news last night. Great concept and it does keep you wanting to know where next. Thanks Todd and Jess.

  3. Found out about you in Good Morning Gloucester, loved the Rocky Neck Arts Center shot…and Fenway, that grabs you in the gut. Love the empty road shots and urban to rural…the harvested corn field is gorgeous. And that chair is perfect! Really great-funny-haunting-powerful photos.

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