Southbridge has lost four lives to coronavirus

More than 62,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases across Commonwealth

SOUTHBRIDGE — The most recent data released by local and state officials show more than 3,500 individuals across Massachusetts have died as a result of COVID-19, including four locally.

The Town of Southbridge confirmed through its daily update from its Emergency Operation Center on Thursday evening that four local deaths have been attributed to the coronavirus. There have been 54 confirmed cases in Southbridge, with 29 individuals having recovered thus far.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) announced Thursday afternoon there have been 62,205 confirmed coronavirus cases, with 3,562 deaths thus far.

Across southern Worcester County, the number of confirmed cases continues to climb. According to DPH, as of Wednesday there were 55 confirmed cases in Auburn, 37 confirmed cases in Barre, six confirmed cases in Brookfield, 38 confirmed cases in Charlton (though the Town announced Thursday it now had 39 cases), 40 confirmed cases in Dudley, six confirmed cases in East Brookfield, five confirmed cases in Holland, 91 confirmed cases in Leicester, 144 confirmed cases in Millbury, 18 confirmed cases in Monson, seven confirmed cases in North Brookfield, 117 confirmed cases in Northbridge, 29 confirmed cases in Oxford, 23 confirmed cases in Palmer, 23 confirmed cases in Spencer, 24 confirmed cases in Sturbridge, six confirmed cases in Warren, 75 confirmed cases in Webster, 10 confirmed cases in West Brookfield, and there have been fewer than five confirmed cases in the towns of Brimfield and Wales.

According to DPH statistics, the area towns with the greatest rates of confirmed COVID-19 cases were Millbury (1,054.40 per 100,000), Leicester (807.89 per 100,000), Barre (665.73 per 100,000), and Northbridge (650.57 per 100,000). Conversely, based on available data, the area towns with the lowest rates of confirmed cases were North Brookfield (150.65 per 100,000), Brookfield (163.86 per 100,000), Palmer (193.37 per 100,000), Holland (195.29 per 100,000), and Spencer (199.65 per 100,000).

Statewide statistics show the average age of confirmed COVID-19 patients is 54, with more than 10,400 cases being men and women in their 50s. While the average age may be in the 50s, the age group that has contracted the illness the most per capita are the elderly. More than 9,400 men and women aged 80 and above have tested positive for COVID-19, translating to 3,232 cases per 100,000 people in that age range.

DPH data also provides information as to the number of patients hospitalized in medical facilities across the state as of 5 p.m. on Wednesday. The numbers show Harrington Hospital in Southbridge with 13 hospitalizations of suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients, including three in ICU.


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