Popular basketball courts closed for repairs

Henry Street hoops off limits until at least Monday

SOUTHBRIDGE — One of the most active recreational facilities in town will be closed through the weekend, possibly longer, in order to improve heavily-used basketball courts.

Town Manager Ron San Angelo announced on Thursday morning the basketball courts at Henry Street Park are to be closed “until at least Monday, July 29.” The closure comes as the Town is “reconditioning” the courts in order to “make them a great place for our children to enjoy the sport of basketball,” San Angelo said.

“The Town is working hard to improve Henry Street Park for the benefit of our children who use the park,” San Angelo said in a statement.

The Department of Public Works has posted a notice asking for compliance with the park’s temporary closing. They are working on the HVAC, plumbing, and flooring of the indoor gym.

“Please stay off the courts while improvements are underway to ensure the best final outcome,” reads the DPW notice.

The Town Manager stressed a need for locals to respect the courts’ closure in order to avoid the work being compromised.

“It is important that no one goes on the courts or it will damage the work that is being done,” San Angelo said. “We need the support of the people using these courts in order to improve them.”

He added: “Do not walk on these courts until the work is completed or the damage could result in the courts staying closed for a longer period of time or the Town not having quality courts for the citizens to enjoy.”

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The DPW noted local “Police will take notice” of the basketball courts’ closure in their patrols.


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