MassDiGI’s Summer Innovation Program Video Games Open House

🎮 “Line Slider: Paint the World” features Bip, a mischievous character who wants to cover the town in paint.

WORCESTER — The public is invited to put their game skills to the test during MassDiGI’s Summer Innovation Program (SIP) Open House. The event, featuring student-created games, provides an opportunity to play the games and meet the student interns who made them as part of MassDiGI’s annual Summer Innovation Program at Becker College. For the past 12 weeks, 32 top video game development interns from 19 colleges and universities from around the world worked in teams to develop games from scratch with guidance from staff and game industry mentors. Some of the schools represented this year include: Becker College, Berklee College of Music, Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Letterkenny Institute of Technology (Ireland), New York University, Northeastern University, Pratt Institute, RISD, Swarthmore College, University of Pennsylvania and Wellesley College.

This summer’s featured SIP projects are:

CyberDrive 2077 – Play as a renegade hacker as you drive into the heart of the evil supercomputer that rules this world. Race, dodge, and fly at breakneck speeds through endless levels in cyberspace. How far can you last inside The System?

Spell Strike – All Persephone wanted was to summon a friend, but instead she accidentally summoned a horde of demons! Shoot magic bolts into the demonic portals to close them and help her save the town. Don’t hit the portal in the same spot twice and be mindful of demon sabotage!

Line Slider: Paint the World – Bip is a cute, mischievous little devil who wants to cover the town in paint, but the townspeople aren’t happy about it! Help Bip escape by painting your own paths for him to travel on. Dodge obstacles and collect as many paint drops as you can!

Lead the Light – It’s the dawn of a new day and Alpy, the sun spirit, is on a mission to bring warmth and light to the world. In his way is Auster, a vengeful winter spirit who wants ice and snow to rule the land. Block falling ice, fend off Auster, and keep Alpy safe as he rises through the mountains!


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