Hitchcock Academy aids, connects child care services

Caregivers Connect event set for August 21

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BRIMFIELD — Any family with children needs reliable child care.  Hitchcock Academy hopes to fill that need with a unique “meet and greet” for parents and caregivers.  From 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 21 Hitchcock will provide a venue to introduce babysitters, nannies, care providers, and families looking for child care.  Often the first time both sides in the child care equation meet face to face is at the initiation of services.  Caregivers Connect hopes to allow all parties an opportunity to assess suitability, availability, and compatibility within a more relaxed environment. The venue provides an additional service for those interested in becoming foster parents. Staff from D.C.F. foster care will be available to share information about becoming a foster care provider or respite worker for foster children. 

The fee for the event is $10 per family or care provider.  Forms are available at www.hitchcockacademy.org and participants are urged to fill out the survey included with the form in order to facilitate appropriate matchups between parties.  A play area will be provided but supervision is the responsibility of the person bringing a child to the event.

 It is important to note that references and background checks are exclusively the responsibility of individual parties.  Those seeking child care employment are encouraged to bring reference lists, resumes, business cards, and verification of any certification or course they have completed relative to child care.  Individuals seeking child care should have a general list of the duties they expect to be fulfilled:  Will the caregiver be expected to pick up or drop off? Will the caregiver be expected to prepare meals?  Help with homework?  Clean up?  Both parties should clearly identify financial expectations. Finding good child care is a huge responsibility.  Hitchcock Academy is hoping this venue will go a long way to forging long lasting, beneficial partnerships.  For more information or to answer any questions about this evening call Sue Gregory at 413-245-9977 or email sue@hitchcockacademy.org


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