Generosity of “distant stranger” benefits food pantry

SOUTHBRIDGE — The St. John Paul II Food Pantry recently received a check for $5,000 from a distant stranger.  At a recent Sturbridge Rotary Club meeting, Bill Pioppi and Co-Director Roberta Watson were presented with a check.  The story unfolds during Rotary’s Annual Golf Classic at the Cohasse Country Club.  A participant during the Classic learned about the great work that Sturbridge Rotary does to help the Food Pantry.  The golf participant asked to learn more and to meet with folks at the Pantry.  Once he learned more about the Pantry, he raised his donation to $5,000.  He had two stipulations with his gift; one being that his name will remain anonymous, and two, the gift must support his passion to help the elderly in need.  The Pantry will purchase gift cards with his donation to be used solely for the elderly who qualify.  Sturbridge Rotary was happy to help facilitate the donation which started out with a casual conversation while playing golf.

Sturbridge Rotary Club is one of 35,000 clubs worldwide providing humanitarian service as members of Rotary International.  Beyond the regional and international help that we provide, we are most proud of our work toward helping to eliminate hunger in the local communities by donating funds to purchase turkeys at Thanksgiving and Christmas, conducting fundraisers for the St. John Paul II Food Pantry, and most recently, the formation of a Rotary Community Corps who first project is the creation of the Community Food Collaborative – a community Garden which provides fresh, organic vegetables for distribution by the Food Pantry.  For additional information on the Club, visit us at or “Like” us on the Club’s Facebook page at


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