Former Worcester City Councilor and attorney Michael Gaffney suing Turtleboy Sports blog for libel

Former Worcester City Councilor Michael Gaffney has filed a civil lawsuit against the blog Turtleboy Sports claiming libel and fraud, according to the blog and Worcester Magazine.

Gaffney names the blog and publisher Aiden Kearney in the lawsuit, which asks for $1,800 with interest, costs, attorney’s fees and double or triple damages, according to photos of the lawsuit posted on the blog.

Kearney has previously denied that he is the owner of or a writer for the blog, although the blog, which is written anonymously, has its website and associated LLC registered to him with the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office.

Filed in Dudley District Court, the lawsuit stems from two blogs published on the website, according to Worcester Magazine.

The lawsuit contends that on Sept. 7, Kearney and the blog became aware that Gaffney was planning to withdraw from the city council race.

The defendants told Gaffney that they would publish a blog he “might not like.”

“The plaintiff felt threatened by the Defendants as the Defendants’ blogs are replete with their position that they act as a public shaming device and their motto is “Don’t Poke the Turtle,” the lawsuit reads.

Gaffney claims that Turtleboy maliciously and willfully intended to injure him by publishing a blog titled Bob Bratt “Don’t Vote For Michael Gaffney Tomorrow – He’s Walking Out on What He Started, Playing Games, And Isn’t The Same Guy We Got Behind Before.”

Turtleboy Sports used to be a supporter of Gaffney and Gaffney had advertised with the blog.

Gaffney previously released text messages regarding Worcester Magazine Editor Walter Bird Jr. to Turtleboy.

The lawsuit also claims fraud by Turtleboy.

Kearney claimed to Gaffney that the blog gets 1,200,000 monthly page views, according to the lawsuit.

Gaffney paid $300 a month in advertising on the website, but the website got “significantly less” page views per month, according to the lawsuit. That led to a loss of $1,800, the lawsuit claims.

A post published on Turtleboy Sports Friday claims that Coreen Gaffney wrote at least one blog for the website. Coreen Gaffney also ran for a seat on the City Council.


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