Church group’s mascot unleashed to bring smiles amid quarantines

House of Destiny stops by 40 homes for ‘dance party’

📸 House of Destiny courtesy photo

SOUTHBRIDGE — People are finding many different ways to cope with the difficulties associated with COVID-19 quarantines and precautions. For some that included a dance party with a big dog.

Spike, the mascot of the House of Destiny Church, made his rounds throughout Southbridge on Sunday afternoon, visiting as many as 40 homes for a little distraction from the monotony of weeks at home. Spike was accompanied by the family of Esteban and Rebekah Carrasco, pastors at House of Destiny Church, as well as associate pastor Yamilka Castillo. The humans who accompanied their K-9 friend wore masks and all participants kept their distance in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines.

The event was designed to help alleviate some of the more stressful components of the coronavirus pandemic, organizers said.

“We just wanted to bring back a few smiles and ease the moment of panic,” said Castillo.

Mrs. Carrasco shared a similar thought: “In a time where everyone is at home and in need of a good smile, why not do it with Spike?”

Organizers said 40 homes were visited, many of which were seen in photos or video on the social media pages of residents who witnessed the impromptu dance parties.

For Mr. Carrasco, trekking all over town in the Spike costume, er, with Spike, was representative of the mission for this ministry.

“The goal of House of Destiny Church is to always be a church for the community and not just in our community,” he said.


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