Artwork of Silverberg, Ferrara soon on display at JEL

Library to host artists’ reception on January 2

SOUTHBRIDGE — The Jacob Edwards Library is pleased to host local artists Donna Silverberg and John Ferrara during the month of January. An artists’ reception will be held on Thursday, January 2, at 6:30 p.m. Light refreshments will be served, courtesy of the Friends of the Jacob Edwards Library. All are welcome.

Artist Donna Silverberg has been interested in artmaking since she could hold a crayon, and it has continued to be a lifelong passion. Donna has worked with textiles, metal, and many other art media, and currently works primarily in drawing media and paint. She has taught art classes at all levels, from pre-K to college, in public school and at other organizations.
Donna earned a BFA at Syracuse University and a Masters at Clark University. Her inspiration comes from nature and natural forms and textures, and references 3-D tactile qualities in 2-D form. Every work is for her both a learning experience and an expressive work.

Over more than a 60-year career in the arts, John Ferrara has worked in book illustration, sculpture, graphic design, printmaking, photography, theater arts, and has designed Playbill covers. He worked in all aspects of standard and proprietary graphic techniques, often using traditional media in nontraditional ways. He is well known for his many portraits that mirror the human condition.

John has exhibited extensively, including at the Boston Public Library, public libraries in Springfield and New Haven, at Pratt Institute, M.I.T., at several other colleges and many other venues. He is presently showing his work in a revolving exhibit at the Gallery at 12 Crane in Southbridge.

Born in 1932, John attended Pratt Institute and is a Navy veteran. He has lived in Central Massachusetts for more than 50 years and presently lives in Southbridge, Massachusetts. 

The exhibit at the Jacob Edwards Library illustrates just a small sample of some of his works with an Asian theme. Some of his other works include portraits and posters of famous artists and musicians, baseball players, great literature, and historic periods. Artwork at right by John Ferrara.

See more of John’s work at


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