The Storm Magnet: Here comes round 2 for snow!

By Dan Butler
Citizen Chronicle Contributor

Round #2 looks to be more of an impact for our area than the last storm. As of now the big question is where the rain/snow line will set up as to who gets the highest amounts of snow. Either way, a storm IS coming so please be prepared again for power outages, high winds and a very good chance of plowable snow. Charge those cell phones and gas up your car. Rather safe than sorry.

Looks to be clear in our area until about noon…starting as wet mix and becoming all snow by about 3pm. Wind and storm will pickup after 4pm and will be out of here after midnight, If I had to guess I would say about 6-8” for Southbridge.

Dan Butler has always enjoyed keeping local folks informed about weather events especially during storm season. He is an NWS certified storm spotter and has two years of training with the Taunton office of the national weather service for southern New England.

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