Police from 10 towns work to arrest suspected home burglars

Surveillance video of tattooed suspect plays key role

📷 This image from a surveillance system helped area law enforcement agencies obtain and execute multiple search warrants that recovered stolen property and led to “numerous arrests” in Worcester.

WORCESTER — At least 10 area law enforcement agencies collaborated on a series of housebreaks, resulting in “numerous arrests” being made in the city, according to the Leicester Police Department.

A pair of search warrants were executed, resulting in the recovery of evidence and property from multiple housebreaks throughout Worcester County, according to a public statement issued by police in Leicester late Saturday night. One of those housebreaks occurred in Leicester and police credited Officer Michael Lombardozzi in locating an image from an area surveillance system that played “a key role” in investigators’ “ability to move the investigation forward.” That video capture shows a female suspect adorned with visible tattoos on her back. Leicester Police said the unidentified woman allegedly used a credit card stolen in a local housebreak on Main Street on August 27.

Officer Lombardozzi and Detective Matthew Brady learned numerous other police departments were investigating housebreaks similar to the one they were investigating in Leicester. As a result, they worked in conjunction with detectives and officers from police departments in Bellingham, Douglas, Holliston, Medway, Mendon, Milford, Sutton, Uxbridge, and Worcester.

The cooperative police work quickly yielded results with “the arrest of numerous individuals in the City of Worcester” on August 29. Identities of the individuals arrested were not publicly disclosed as of this story’s publication.

In a public statement posted on its Facebook page, the Leicester Police Department applauded those involved in the investigation. “Officer Lombardozzi and Detective Matt Brady of the LPD along with the multi-agency collaborative all did an outstanding job to bring this investigation to a successful completion.”


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