The Storm Magnet: A ‘warm up’ is on the way!

By Dan Butler
Citizen Chronicle Contributor

Hang in there folks — a “warm up” is on the way, beginning on Monday when temperatures go back to seasonable for this time of year. Middle-to-upper 30’s through Wednesday, lower 40’s on Thursday, and then a VERY good chance we could see 50 degrees on Friday, and along with it some rain. Make sure those sump pumps are in working order and if you have a storm drain near your home; please take the time to make sure it is clear as rain and melting snow all week will cause ponding and minor flooding in low line areas.

Dan Butler has always enjoyed keeping local folks informed about weather events especially during storm season. He is an NWS certified storm spotter and has two years of training with the Taunton office of the national weather service for southern New England.

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