The Storm Magnet: March’s Third Nor’easter is Coming

Greater Southbridge area to see 6-9″ of snow

By Dan Butler
Citizen Chronicle Contributor

We are now a little more than 24 hours out from the arrival of March Nor’easter round #3.

If you hoped to escape this one with no snow you will be disappointed (like myself). The Monday morning commute will be clear, and most of the day partly cloudy and clear. The snow looks to begin in our area after 5 p.m. Snow will continue through the night and throughout most of the day on Tuesday until finally moving out around 5 p.m.

The snow won’t be as wet and heavy as the last storm, nor will the wind be as strong, mainly just accumulating snow — 6-9″ for the Southbridge area. Thankfully a pattern shift shortly after this storm moves out looks to bring a pattern of milder temps and less stormy.

Hang in there folks — nine days until spring!!!

Dan Butler has always enjoyed keeping local folks informed about weather events especially during storm season. He is an NWS certified storm spotter and has two years of training with the Taunton office of the national weather service for southern New England.

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