Pot ban up in smoke at town election

Less than 9 percent of voters come out for election

CHARLTON — By a margin of fewer than 70 votes, a zoning bylaw that would have prohibited recreational marijuana business locally was rejected at the annual town election on Saturday.

The proposed bylaw failed as 628 voters cast votes to oppose the ban while 560 cast votes in support of it. As a result, the zoning bylaws currently in place will remain in effect, permitting up to two recreational marijuana retail businesses and up to two medical marijuana retail businesses.

The referendum question made possible for the prohibitions of “all or certain types of adult use (recreational) marijuana establishments from operating.” However, because Charlton voters supported legalization in November 2016, the Zoning Bylaw amendment is on the Annual Town Meeting warrant on May 20. That amendment “would prohibit marijuana establishments.” The proposed bylaw had to be approved by a majority of voters in today’s election and by at least a two-third majority at the Annual Town Meeting.


One thought on “Pot ban up in smoke at town election

  1. We won, you lost. Hahahahaha. Charlton, the future pot capital of the world. I want to get a job at Valley Green Grow.

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