Police: Melendez-Rubero fled on foot and struck officers

Friday afternoon traffic stop leads to bags of heroin

SOUTHBRIDGE — A Friday afternoon traffic stop turned into a Webster man fleeing on foot, assaulting police, and trying to dump heroin, according to local law enforcement.

According a Monday afternoon press release, Southbridge Police arrested Luis Melendez-Rubero, 33, of 5 Whitcomb Street in Webster, after a motor vehicle stop around 4:20 p.m. on Friday, March 23.

Officer Darren Dodge was on patrol with Auxiliary Officer Charlie Williams when they pulled over Mr. Melendez-Rubero’s vehicle for a moving violation on Main Street. According to police, as Officer Dodge approached the driver’s side of the vehicle he observed Mr. Melendez-Rubero, the vehicle’s passenger, reaching down into the vehicle with both hands. As Officer Williams approached the passenger’s side of the vehicle, police said Mr. Melendez-Rubero quickly opened the door and jumped out of the vehicle, pushing off of Officer Williams in an attempt flee the scene. Mr. Melendez-Rubero then began to swing his elbows backwards striking officers, police stated.

Police said a struggle ensued, during which time Mr. Melendez-Rubero attempted to throw several white bags into a nearby drain. Officers were eventually able to secure Mr. Melendez-Rubero in handcuffs and recovered two bundles containing 20 individual bags of suspected heroin as well as ten loose baggies of suspected heroin that were all packaged for distribution. Police added that Mr. Melendez-Rubero defecated himself during the struggle and was transported to police headquarters to be booked.

Mr. Melendez-Rubero was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, possession with intent to distribute class A heroin, disturbing the peace and with disorderly conduct. Police said the operator of the vehicle, whose name was not provided in the press release, will be summoned to Dudley District Court at a later date for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle.

Officer Dodge was the arresting officer, assisted by Sergeant Michael Sullivan, Officer Joel Lopez-Miranda and Auxiliary Officer Williams.


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