Jury finds “Trial of the Wicked Witch” delightful

Musical puts audience in role of jury

By Katie Alicea-Tilton
Citizen Chronicle Theatre Critic

Gateway Players Theatre’s opening night of “Trial of the Wicked Witch: The Musical,” book by Craig Sodaro with music and lyrics by Stephen Murray, brought in a full house at Elm Street Congregational Hall. This delightfully comical production reminds us that not all fairy tales may be as they seem, there’s always more to the story than meets the eye.

The audience was magically whisked away to the land of Once Upon a Time into the courtroom of the Fairy Godmother, played by Chris McTigue.  With the audience acting as the jury, they sat back and listen to numerous stories from much more modern versions of our favorite fairy tale characters in order to decide the fate of the Wicked Witch, played by Audrey Clark. Is she really as bad as we’ve all been lead to believe?

With questioning done by the Prosecuting Attorney Red Riding Hood (Tiffany Cleveland) and Defense Attorney Evil Stepmother (Jennifer Tretheway) the alleged victims of the Wicked Witch; Sleeping Beauty (Chamira Santiago), Snow White (Kate Jijliardo), Hansel (Alexxus Afriyie), Gretel (Brianna Baumgardner), Rapunzel (Anjolina Fantaroni) and Prince Charming (Jonah Cowden) all took the stand to give their stories of their encounters with the Wicked Witch. Then in come along the Gingerbread Man (Merrick Cowden), Rumplestiltskin (Jack Dembinski), Izzy (Jajliardo), Dezzy (Fantaroni) and the Big Bad Wolf (Stewart Haddock) with their sides of the story giving an alibi for each scenario. Each happily sang and danced as they told their stories but who’s telling the truth?

Director Pat Haddock, Producer Kathi Grenier, Stage Manager Gwen O’Brien, Music Director Chis Rubenacker, Choreographer Sydney Campbell along with the rest of the production cast and crew teamed up and did a phenomenal job executing this production.  They worked hard to put together a family friendly show that everyone will love. I personally loved the songs that each character sang about themselves, they were very cute and comical. Each of the actors/actresses did an outstanding job bringing their characters to life, there was so much sass and spunk on the stage.

If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do with the family I highly recommend catching Saturday night’s production at 7:30 p.m. as it will be your last chance to enjoy the show since Sunday’s 2 p.m. show is already sold out.

Grab onto your broom and tag along for a fun ride and help decide the fate the Wicked Witch.

Gateway Players Theatre’s “Trial of the Wicked Witch: The Musical” earns 3 1/2 masks out of 4!

“There was so much sass and spunk on the stage.”

The Citizen Chronicle’s Theatre Critic Katie Alicea-Tilton

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