Gateway ends season with a “bang”

Theatre group tackles Agatha Christie novel in latest production

By Katie Alicea-Tilton
Citizen Chronicle Theatre Critic
Gateway Players Theatre courtesy photos

SOUTHBRIDGE — There’s no better way to finish up another successful season of theatre than with a “bang.”  Gateway Players Theatre presents “A Murder is Announced,” written by Leslie Darbon, is based on the 1950 Agatha Christie novel, and is currently playing at the Fellowship Hall at the Elm Street Congregational Church at 61 Elm Street.

Gateway take us to the home of Letitia Blacklock (Annette Lisi) in post-war England where her longtime friend Dora Bunner (Angela Clark) notices an advertisement in the local gazette announcing that a murder is to take place in their home that very evening. The remaining tenants of the home include Blacklock’s niece & nephew Julia and Patrick Simmons (Courtney Gallipeau & Nathan Ferron), the recently widowed Philippa Haymes  (Amy Sallis) and the not so shy Russian maid Mitzi (Kristen Durham). What seems like a completely distasteful joke attracts curious friends and provides its promised death under puzzling circumstances.

With a house full including the meddling Miss Marple (Linda Bouthillier) and mother/son due Mrs. & Edmond Sweetman (Krissi Forgues & Ryan Drago) no leaf is left unturned with the investigation led by Inspector Craddock (Larry Loring) along with help from Sergeant Mellors (Billy Bolster).  Information discovered bring out the truth about many of the suspects and years of deceit.  Every lead steers the audience into a different direction as to who the suspect is.  In typical Agatha Christie fashion, you are left on the edge of your seat until the very end.

The Gateway crew did a great job bringing this murder mystery to life.  Directed by long-time member Erin Morin, produced by Mary Gahagan and stage managed by Ruth Rockwood.  Their teamwork and dedication truly showed off in the final product.  The cast pulled through with a great production including the melting pot of accents brought to the stage. With Gateway Players 44th season coming to an end you have only a few chances left to catch a great show. Their remaining shows are November 22, 23 at 7:30 p.m. and November 24 at 2 p.m.

Prepare yourself for a great time full of lies, laughter ad mystery as you ponder the major question — who done it?


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