Fugitive from justice in custody after scooter speeding stop

Webster man violated parole in Georgia

LEICESTER — A Webster man was slated to be arraigned on Tuesday morning after being arrested as a fugitive from justice out of Georgia.

According to the Leicester Police Department, the 44-year-old man’s undoing was speeding on a scooter that had not been properly registered. The identity of the man was not divulged, nor was the nature of his initial crimes in Georgia. He was listed as a fugitive as justice in that state due to a violation of his parole.

The man was riding his scooter on Pleasant Street on Saturday evening when he passed by an officer while speeding. As part of the traffic stop, police learned the man’s license was also suspended. He was charged as a fugitive from justice, operating with a suspended license, operating an unregistered vehicle, operating an uninsured vehicle, and speeding. He was held over the weekend without bail.



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