Trio of cocaine traffickers arrested after “violent struggle” with State Police

📷 Massachusetts State Police photo of more than 101 grams of cocaine confiscated after a routine motor vehicle stop resulted in a “struggle” between two State Police Troopers and a 28-year-old Bronx man in Auburn on Wednesday evening.

Bronx man sprayed, tasered on side of 290 in Auburn

AUBURN — State Police sprayed and tasered an “aggressive” Bronx man as he and two others were charged with trafficking cocaine on Wednesday night.

James Evans, 28, of The Bronx, was found with narcotics during a routine traffic stop on Route 290 and became combative with State Police Troopers, resulting in multiple methods being utilized to gain compliance.

Trooper Joseph Flynn of the State Police Barracks in Holden was patrolling Route 290 East around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday when he observed the driver of an Acura TSX commit multiple motor vehicle violations. Trooper Flynn, assisted by Trooper Gregory Zanni, stopped the vehicle at mile marker 3 in Auburn. The vehicle, driven by Carlos Martinez, 42, with Evans and 38-year-old Joy Green as passengers. Green is a resident of Dexter, Maine, while Martinez and Evans hail from The Bronx.

As the troopers spoke with the vehicle’s occupants, Evans was reportedly observed “moving around in the backseat” and was asked to exit the vehicle, according to a State Police press release. State Police said Trooper Flynn attempted to pat frisk Evans for weapons, but Evans “began to pull his arms away and turn his body to free himself.” Trooper Flynn reacted by performing what State Police described as a “takedown maneuver,” resulting in Evans and Troopers Flynn and Zanni falling to the ground.

State Police said Evans continued to resist “in an apparent attempt to prevent Troopers from removing a package of narcotics he was concealing in his pants.” The struggle continued for “several moments” before Trooper Zanni reportedly administered several bursts of Oleoresin Capsicum spray, which State Police said “had no effect” on Evans.

After being sprayed, State Police said Evans “became more aggressive and continued to pull away” while holding the narcotics in his hand. Trooper Zanni reportedly then removed his department issued Taser and, “after several verbal commands to stop resisting were ignored by the violent suspect,” a single five second drive stun was deployed to Evans’ back.

According to the State Police press release, after the Taser was utilized, Troopers were able to regain control of Evans and remove the package from his hands. “Through their training and experience, the white substance was believed to be cocaine, with a weight over 101 grams,” reads the press release.

Evans, Green, and Martinez were each transported to the State Police Barracks in Holden for booking and charged with Trafficking in Cocaine and Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws. Evans was additionally charged with Resisting Arrest and Failure to wear a Seatbelt.

Subsequent investigation by Trooper Flynn revealed another a plastic bag containing cocaine and weighed 61.3 grams believed to previously have been in Evans’ possession, State Police said.

The arrested parties were arraigned in Worcester District Court on Thursday.

On Tuesday, the day before the incident, Trooper Flynn attended training with Pro Active Criminal Enforcement (PACE), a program that provides continuing training in drug trafficking interdiction for law enforcement officers.


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