State Police arrest man for drug trafficking in Auburn

Gonzalez going 95 on Pike led to drug discovery

AUBURN — State Police arrested a Providence man for trafficking fentanyl and heroin after pulling him over for speeding on the Massachusetts Turnpike.

In a Friday morning press release, the State Police said they arrested Nelson Gonzalez, 51, after a routine traffic stop on the Pike around 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday. Trooper Mark Parr stopped a 2013 Nissan Altima that was speeding at 95 miles per hour in a 65 miles per hour zone heading eastbound on I-90. State Police said Gonzalez did not have a valid driver’s license and the vehicle was set to be towed, resulting in Trooper Parr taking an inventory of the vehicle’s contents prior to towing. While taking inventory, State Police said Trooper Parr located approximately 544 grams of a substance believed to be a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, and approximately 35 grams of a substance believed to be a mixture of fentanyl and lactose.

State Police said Gonzalez was accompanied by a child of an undisclosed age, gender, and relationship.

Gonzalez was arrested and charged with trafficking in fentanyl, trafficking in heroin, possession with intent to distribute a Class A substance, conspiracy to violate drug law, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, speeding, and child endangerment. Gonzalez was bailed on $50,000 pending his arraignment in Worcester District Court.


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