Southbridge PD surveilles, arrests two in alleged drug deal

SOUTHBRIDGE — Acting on reports of drug deals in the parking lot of a local business, police arrested two men on Tuesday after witnessing an alleged sale.

Orlando Rodriguez, 47, and Jovanny Ortiz, 43, were arrested and held at police headquarters pending bail or arraignment in Dudley District Court on Wednesday, according to a Wednesday afternoon press release from Southbridge Police Chief Shane Woodson.

Jovanny Ortiz

Police were conducting surveillance “in the Main Street area” after receiving reports “of drug distribution in the parking lot of a local business,” according to the press release. As police surveilled the undisclosed business, detective reported “observed what they believed to be a drug transaction/sale” before approaching Ortiz and Rodriguez. As the detectives approached the two Southbridge men, police said Rodriguez threw an unknown item onto the ground. Authorities later recovered the item and identified it as being 13 individual packets of a powdery substance suspected to be heroin packaged for distribution. According to the press release, detectives also recovered $1,182 in currency suspected to be collected from drug sales.

Orlando Rodriguez

Rodriguez, a resident of 50 Cross Street, was charged with possession with intent to distribute class A Heroin and with conspiracy to violate the drug law. Ortiz, a resident of 125 Morris Street, was charged with conspiracy to violate the drug law.


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