Ten candidates for four seats on the Town Council

SOUTHBRIDGE — Locals will have 10 candidates for four seats on the Town Council when voters hit the polls on June 12.

David Adams, Kristen Auclair, Joseph Cotrona, John Daniel, Scott Lazo, Mike Marketti, and David Smick will each seek one of three three-year terms. Esteban Carrasco, Jr., Jack Jovan, and John Pulawski are each seeking election to fill the remaining year of the seat vacated by Wally MacKenzie in January. Jacquelyn Ryan withdrew her name from candidacy on Monday morning, while Joseph Daou took our nomination papers but did not return them to the Town Clerk by the 5 p.m. deadline on Tuesday. Candidates may still officially withdraw from the race up until 5 p.m. on May 11.

Of the candidates, only Auclair and Carrasco are incumbents. Carrasco was first elected in June 2013, receiving the largest number of votes of any Town Council candidate on that year’s town ballot. He was re-elected while running unopposed in June 2016 for the remaining two years of the seat vacated by Shaun Moriarty in January 2016. Auclair was first elected in June 2015, claiming the third of three seats in a field of six candidates.

Adams and Daniel are first-time candidates for political office, though Adams currently serves the appointed Board of Health and Daniel was appointed as a citizen member of the Town Council’s Education and Human Services subcommittee. Marketti previously ran for Town Council in June 2016, finishing sixth in a field of seven candidates for three seats. He has been previously elected to the Southbridge Redevelopment Authority and appointed to the Town Council’s Planning and Development subcommittee.

The Citizen Chronicle will be publishing transcripts of interviews with the candidates throughout the week. The schedule is as follows:



4 thoughts on “Ten candidates for four seats on the Town Council

  1. Just a reminder, I was also elected to the Southbridge Redevelopment Authority and serve on the Planning & Development Subcommittee. If you are including that type of information for one candidate, then you should include it for all. Otherwise you are showing bias reporting.

    1. That service is highlighted in the candidate profile to be published on Thursday morning. Your point in reference to the initial benign omission of that information in our brief write-up here is valid, however it is not an issue of biased reporting. All the same we have added that factual information to this piece. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

      1. Thank you for adding my credentials into the story. I just felt you were dwelling on a negative aspect of my candidacy, and I needed to respond. After all, there are other candidates on the ballot this year who have run and lost in the past, yet you failed to mention it. Yes, I ran in 2016 and lost. But what was my core campaign issue? Closing the landfill. Last year I helped organize a campaign to stop landfill expansion, and we were successful. Since then Casella has announced the landfill is closing. So in a way, i feel I won!

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