Sturbridge man dealing cocaine in Southbridge, police claim

Police familiar with Asquith in several states

By Shaun Moriarty
Citizen Chronicle Writer

DUDLEY — A Sturbridge man was arraigned in district court this morning after being arrested on drug-related charges in Southbridge last night.

Talon W. Asquith, 29, of 70 Breakneck Road, was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, and possession of crack cocaine subsequent offense, according to the Southbridge Police Department.

The arrest followed surveillance work conducted by police detectives on Wednesday night. It was at approximately 7:30 p.m. that detectives conducting surveillance observed a man in the driver’s seat of a vehicle parked and idling on Mechanic Street, near Rose Street, according to authorities. Police said that it was at this time that a Asquith was observed approaching and then entering the passenger side of the vehicle. The vehicle drove a short distance before returning to Mechanic Street, allowing Asquith to exit the vehicle, police said.

Authorities spoke with Asquith and police said they soon recovered a glass pipe with suspected cocaine reside, a digital scale alleged to be used to measure narcotics for the purpose of selling or distributing the drug, and $734 in cash. Police said they suspect the money was from drug sales.

Police arrested Asquith and during the booking process, Police report, it became “obvious” the alleged drug dealer was attempting to conceal additional items he was carrying. Police conducted a more thorough search, finding a clear plastic bag containing crack cocaine, and a second clear bag containing a white powdery substance suspected to be cocaine.

Asquith is no stranger to law enforcement officials, having been arrested by Sturbridge Police in November on charges of trafficking cocaine, driving under the influence of drugs, possession of heroin, and negligent driving. At that time, Sturbridge Police said Asquith had 20 grams of cocaine in his pocket at the time of arrest.

Back in May 2011, Asquith had been arrested at a Phish concert in Bethel, New York, charged with felony drug possession. Police there said Asquith had hallucinogenic mushrooms, heroin, hashish, suboxin, Alprazolam, and marijuana. Earlier that year, Asquith was pinched by the Maine State Police for driving with a suspended license and drug possession. Also in 2011, Asquith was arrested on charges of possession of more than four ounces of marijuana while attending the Gathering of the Vibes music festival in Bridgeport, Conn.


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