Charlton man arrested on drug charges in Worcester

Gauthier allegedly dealing crack in Main South

By Shaun Moriarty
Citizen Chronicle Writer

WORCESTER — A Charlton resident will be arraigned Monday after city police claim they caught him dealing drugs yesterday.

Brant Gauthier, 45, of 155 Hammond Hill Road in Charlton, was charged with Trespassing and Distribution of a Class B Substance after being observed allegedly distributing narcotics by the Worcester Police Department’s Neighborhood Response Team (NRT). Gauthier was spotted in the Main South area of the city as NRT were conducting surveillance in the immediate area of 30 Chandler Street. Police said they were in that area because it is “a known and problematic area for loitering and drug activity.”

According to police, a NRT supervisor was positioned at a distance, but aided by a pair of binoculars and “a clear line of vision to observe,” and watched several people in an area that is posted with no trespassing signage. It was then that Gauthier drew the attention of authorities.

“Mr. Gauthier was seen conducting what appeared to be street level drug transactions in the area,” Worcester Police reported in a public statement. “After observing one of these transactions, the supervisor decided to intercept the person walking away from Mr. Gauthier. After a safe distance had passed, and Mr. Gauthier was no longer in sight, the supervisor engaged the person and inquired with what was observed.”

The unidentified individual produced a piece of crack cocaine that police claim had just been purchased from Gauthier. As a result of the individual’s cooperation with police, the contraband was seized, personal information collected, a summons was issued to appear in court for possession of a Class B Substance, and the individual was free to go.

With the buyer’s information recorded and physical evidence and in police possession, NRT officers approached Gauthier in the area of 674 Main Street and placed him under arrest. He will be arraigned on Monday at the Worcester County District Courthouse in Worcester.


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