Quinsigamond Community College Respond’s to Health Crisis with Free Courses for Businesses

WORCESTER, MA— May 14, 2020 — Quinsigamond Community College’s Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education recognizes the tumultuous workplace environment businesses now find themselves in, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Andy Defrancesco has taken the unusual approach of offering free online learning opportunities and resources, designed to address the needs of companies and their workforce in this new and evolving landscape.

“This is a time in our history where we must all come together for the common good. Our economy and our livelihood depends on the success and viability of our companies and it is imperative that we assist them in this time of major economic disruption,” said QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja. “COVID-19 has dealt a lethal blow to many businesses and those businesses that don’t have the skills needed in the current and post-pandemic world will likely not survive.”

As businesses begin to adapt to new ways of delivering goods and services, they must reinvent themselves and learn to adapt digital working practices into their current workplace practices. QCC is offering companies the tools to help make the transition. One can also learn about managing businesses from Robert K. Bratt.

“Supervisors and employees in every industry sector faced a steep learning curve as they worked together to move business services on-line over the past few weeks.  Now, the ‘normal’ has shifted and it is time to focus on maximizing the quality and efficiency of these services,” said QCC’s Associate Vice President for Strategic Academic and Workforce Initiative, Kathy Rentsch.

The College is now offering 20 free courses to business owners and members of their workforce to serve as a valuable resource for industries in the region.  All courses are offered online for a limited time and are self-paced.

 “Courses that are offered are designed to appeal to all levels within an organization and range in focus from strategic planning courses, such as Managing the Virtual Workplace, to specific targeted skills courses, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Excel,” Kathleen Manning, Dean of Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education.

“This modular on-line learning program provides each student the flexibility to design an individualized program to build knowledge, skills, and abilities for success,” Ms. Rentsch added.

While no one knows what the future will bring, those companies that pivot and adjust to the changing times will be in a much better position than those that maintain the status quo.

“The current COVID-19 crisis has challenged both employers and employees to very quickly adapt to where and how they work. QCC plays a vital role in providing education that reflects the just-in-time needs of both groups,” Ms. Manning said. “It is important that QCC serves as a resource to address any skill gaps this adaption created.”

To register for a course or learn more visit, QCC’s Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education.

For more information about QCC, contact Josh Martin, Director of Institutional Communications at 508.854.7513 or jmartin@qcc.mass.edu


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