Letter to the Editor: Vote Green

To the Editor:

Watching this weekend’s Green Party 2020 Presidential Nominating Convention was a great civics lesson! It was online due to COVID-19 . In addition to hearing activist and political speeches from around the world (one as far away as New Zealand!) and hearing from the presidential and vice presidential candidates make acceptance speeches, viewers were able to hear state by state reports of the presidential picks. It was a good lesson in geography also as each delegate reporter briefly talked about their respective state along with recent and past political events that each state is associated with. Presidential candidate, Howie Hawkins, and his running mate, Angela Walker, talked about issues such as voting rights, ballot access, climate change, nuclear disarmament, single-payer health care, educating about party suppression , ranked choice voting, and supporting a full strength Green New Deal.To find out more about these candidates and about the Green Party, go to GP.org. In MA,the state affiliate of the GP, go to Green-Rainbow.org. Vote Green- for People, Peace, and Planet!

—Maureen Doyle, Southbridge


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