Letter to the Editor: Saddened by Beechwood loss

Commission crafting demolition delay bylaw proposal

Letter to the Editor,

The Southbridge Historical Commission is saddened by the fact that the Town of Southbridge lost a beautiful historic home, due to its demolition two months ago. The commission did not know that the demolition was taking place and was taken aback to see the historic structure torn down. The commission did not support in any way to have the historic structure demolished. The commission felt the need to make a public statement due to many citizens’ questions and concerns. The property had been on the National Historic Register and was one of the last Marcy residential properties still standing. The historic Marcy family was one of the first families to create and build the town of Southbridge. This event has changed the historical look of downtown Southbridge, removing an important cornerstone of Southbridge’s history.

The mission and responsibility of the Historical Commission is to preserve, protect, promote and develop the historical assets and properties of the town. The commission takes its job very seriously and is willing to work with property owners to help protect the historical landmarks located throughout the 203-year-old town.

Due to the Town of Southbridge not having a Demolition Delay Bylaw currently in place, the Historical Commission is currently working on one to have incorporated into the town’s charter. This will hopefully help protect the important historic properties of the town and preserve the history so it can live on and flourish for the future, not become a memory of the past.   


The Southbridge Historical Commission


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