Letter to the Editor: Dems ought to unite behind Morse

Dear Editor:

This tumultuous year has made us all rethink our priorities, and helped us to step back and examine what’s really working and what needs to change. Richie Neal, funded by big special interests, has been coasting on the status quo for too long and we now need a fresh voice representing us in Washington: Alex Morse. Alex, who is not taking corporate PAC money and whose campaign is funded by thousands of small in-district donations (as opposed to Neal’s less than 1% of donations from in-district and less than 1% of donations that are under $200), believes in universal health care, unlike Richie. Alex has taken a bolder stand on racial justice, LGBTQ rights, climate change, reproductive health, and police reform, making him the brave voice we need for progressive change. The primary to vote for Alex Morse is September 1.

—Sarah Prager, Sturbridge


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