The Citizen Chronicle is a website dedicated to sourcing local news items from and for citizens of the southern Worcester county area.

The famed circus showman P.T. Barnum once said, “He who is without a newspaper is cut off from his species.”

Well, here in Southern Worcester County, many of us feel cut off.

To be fair, there are some newspapers in the area. There’s the big daily out of Worcester, but the coverage of those Southern Worcester County towns outside of the city get scant coverage. Southbridge once had a daily newspaper, but it has devolved into a weekly newspaper, along with a series of sister weeklies in Auburn, Charlton, Sturbridge, Webster, and elsewhere.

For many of us in Southern Worcester County, we feel cut off because the coverage is inadequate or comes a little too late for the 21st century. We live in a world where news breaks live on television, live on social media, and live on the web. Unfortunately, much of what happens locally goes either unnoticed, unreported, or underreported. Examination of current events is left to blogs and facebook pages, each of which serve their own roles and place.

With such a void in local media providing an informed and unbiased record in a timely manner, a new form has arisen. The Citizen Chronicle, a recently launched digital news outlet for Southern Worcester County.

The purpose of The Citizen Chronicle is to help fill that hole. It is a grassroots effort with a noble cause. While our website, www.thecitizenchronicle.com, will aggregate articles from various outlets and sources, we will be producing original hyperlocal content to cover the actions, events, milestones, and controversies in our backyards.

We plan to cover local government and school board meetings and actions, local sporting events, local businesses, local arts and culture events, public safety, and pretty much anything and everything happening in our towns. Your help in alerting us to things to cover as well as spreading the articles we produce will aid The Citizen Chronicle prosper, grow, and better serve you and your neighbors.

If you’d like to contribute content for The Citizen Chronicle, we’d like to help facilitate that. We want your stories and tips. We want your photos and videos. We want you, the average citizen, to help chronicle daily life in Southern Worcester County.

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